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Mallorca 1
Holiday villa in Mallorca, a jewel of an island

The most elegant of the Balearic Islands of Spain, Mallorca is exquisitely beautiful, its glorious landscapes unfolding harmoniously before you. Our villa in Mallorca will provide a wonderful base to explore the whole island easily in a week. Rugged mountains in the north give way to gentler countryside dotted with picturesque villages and imposing country villas, or fincas, until you reach the popular holiday beaches and rather posh resorts of the southern coast. Palma de Mallorca is a delightful town, with one of Spain’s most striking cathedrals perched atop an old Roman site. Mallorca’s warm and relaxing atmosphere reveals itself throughout the island, from the many and lively fiestas, the delectable local food and drink, to the warm and welcoming Mallorquins themselves. Our holiday villa in Mallorca have been carefully selected and are some of the most luxurious and beautiful on the island.

Our villa in Mallorca