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Greek Islands

Greece 1Holiday villas in Greece, with its timeless charm and beauty

The Greek islands, strewn across the brilliant Aegean, have all the makings for a perfect, relaxing seaside holiday, with crystal-clear seas, pristine sun-kissed beaches, the freshest delightful local cuisine, and a lively nightlife. Add to this the glorious wealth of archaeological and historical sites and museums, and the most gorgeous sea views and sunsets from the terrace of our villas in Greece, and who could ask for anything more? The charming, white-washed cubistic houses on Serifos, Syros, and Mykonos in the Cyclades positively glow in the rugged landscape, while the more verdant islands of Zakynthos and Spetses invite inland wanderings among fragrant orchards, cypresses, and olive groves. You will find the best of all holiday villas on the Greek islands.

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