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Lot & Tarn

Lot & TarnHoliday villas in Lot & Tarn

Heading southeast from the bucolic landscapes of the Dordogne, the terrain gradually assumes a more forbidding aspect as it ascends toward the uplands of the Massif Central, in the heart of France. The Lot, Tarn, and Aveyron rivers begin to wind their way through increasingly dramatic gorges as you follow them upstream. The Tarn Gorges contain some of France’s most breathtaking scenery, and just below them the Millau Viaduct sails high overhead in stunning fashion. The Lot and Tarn region is full of charming and interesting towns: Albi, Moissac, Montabaun, and Rodez are all steeped in French history and art. Our holiday villas are located in some of the ravishing countryside. The area offers an interesting architectural selection of villas and châteaux, making for a most unique holiday.

Our villas and châteaux in Lot & Tarn