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Southwest France

Villas by Region Southwest
Holiday villas in Southwest France - you may want to stay

For centuries the English have made themselves very much at home in the southwest of France, even now judging from the quantity of holiday villas, although at times they could be said to have overstayed their welcome; it took the French on one occasion around 100 Years to convince them. Nowadays the atmosphere is much more cordial, and the regions of the Dordogne and further south now are chez nous for an increasing number of British expats. The attractions of the clement weather, fascinating local history, excellent food and wine, and relaxed lifestyle are for many so irresistible, that they even begin speaking the lingo, and with the charming local accent. Of course, if this is a step too far, a fortnight or so on holiday at our villas will at least have you considering “what if…?”  

Our villas in Southwest France