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Southeast France

Villas by Region Southwest 2
Holiday villas in Southeast France. If perchance, your holiday in Provence…

…makes you want to do as the Romans did, then all the pleasures of the Mediterranean world await you here. Holiday villas abound in the most beautiful parts of Southeast France. Golden sunshine, the azure sea, the most delectable and salubrious cuisine, the liveliest marketplaces, lavish festivals of art and drama and music, a long day by the pool at our comfortable and luxurious villas; in this part of France the motto is “plus ça change…”. For those seeking the most up-to-date of modern style, however, the Côte d’Azur can be just as elegant as you like, but with a pleasantly relaxed holiday chic. Inland, you can get away from it all, as you wander through forested and mountainous landscapes whose archaic charm goes back millennia, often possible from the comfort of our villas.

Our villas in the Southeast