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Northwest France

Villas by Region Northwest
Holiday villas in Northwest France. Worth a detour, worth a journey

In the days before inexpensive air travel, when your holiday in the south of France meant a cross-Channel ferry and a long drive or French rail down to our villas, with perhaps a hotel stopover en route, you would have to steadfastly resist the temptation to take a detour in Northwest France to one or more of the innumerable attractions that present themselves at every turn. You would have to leave behind the beautiful Normandy coast and the Landing Beaches, bypass the fabulous Loire châteaux and the exciting towns nearby, and turn a blind eye to the increasingly balmy Vendée coast, as you made the beeline for the Dordogne. On the other hand, the northwest of France doesn’t always share British weather; why not look through our holiday villas in one of these charming regions?

Our villas in Northwest France