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France 1
Holiday villas in France, from north to south

France has a natural beauty that comes through a variety of landscapes, many of which carry with them a strong sense of history with many stories to tell. Our villas and châteaux in France are located in several different regions, each offering a choice of unique and delightful luxury holiday experiences. Imagine travelling down to your villa in Aquitaine or Dordogne for your holiday when you could stop for an afternoon and visit one of the magnificent Loire Valley châteaux. Travelling south to the Vendée region offers the opportunity to see the incredibly crafted shows and displays of Puy du Fou. Here you can also see demonstrations of gladiator fights in a stunning replica of the Colosseum and witness Vikings attack from a full-sized ship. If you are travelling to a villa in Provence or the Côte d’Azur, a break in Burgundy for lunch would be ideal; here the food is fantastic and the wines unbeatable.

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A selection of our villas in France