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For that special occasion

For that very special occasion – your Dad’s 60th birthday, or the In-Laws’ 50th anniversary – if it warrants that big party, why not make it happen while on holiday in one of Dominique’s Villas’ larger properties. We have villas that sleep up to twenty, counting all the youngsters, who will undoubtedly love the attic dormitory-style sleeping arrangements, out of sight and out of earshot of their parents, and what do you mean, bedtime? And as for the teenagers, they can have their own party in their own living room, in their own house, with their own…do they call THAT music?! But even if there’s nothing special to celebrate (although the odds are there will be at least one birthday amongst you!), if you’re going on holiday with the Joneses and the Smiths, it would be nice to have your own living room, your own kitchen, and maybe even your own front door. Many of our villas are converted rural estates, and may consist of a Maison-de-Maître, perhaps with an annexe which could be a converted outbuilding like a barn with a separate entrance, and maybe another smaller (and cosier!) gatehouse or winery, with just a single bedroom, that may even give directly onto the pool for that memorable moonlight swim. Whatever the layout, everyone is sure to make themselves very much at home.