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Same thing next year?

By Luke Proto who stayed at Favreau

My name is Luke and I am three years old. This summer Nana and Grandpa organised a holiday at Villa Favreau in France for me, my Mummy and Daddy and my little brother Toby, my Auntie Alex, Uncle Barry and their baby Joe.  Toby and I slept in the upstairs nursery and thought it was the best playroom ever! Everyone else slept downstairs, which was really good ‘cos it meant we could make as much noise as we liked in the mornings and nobody complained.  My Grandpa did all the cooking and I found out that I liked lots of things I’d never eaten before, especially paté, Grandpa’s dauphinois potatoes, apricots and melon. I still don’t like mushrooms though.

I spent hours in the lovely warm pool doing Monster Jumps with Barry, while Mummy and Daddy took photographs of me. Every time I did especially good swimming or jumping, I was allowed a Smartie. I always chose a blue one ‘cos you don’t get blue Smarties at home. Auntie Alex looked after Toby (who can walk now) and Joe (who still crawls everywhere) and Nana had something called a “well-deserved rest”.

Mummy said that she had planned lots of places nearby for us to visit but we didn’t go to any of them because it was such fun staying in the garden and playing in the pool.  We did go for long walks outside the garden, and I saw a deer and some red squirrels as well as lots of cows and horses. The things I liked best were the tiny lizards which ran everywhere.

Sometimes when the grown-ups were eating outside and I was upstairs in bed but not asleep yet, I could hear them talking and I meant to ask Mummy in the morning what “a best equipped villa ever” was, but I forgot. It sounded like something nice though.

The best bit of all was when Grandpa said “What would everyone think about doing the same thing next year?” I really, really hope we do!

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