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Fantastic 40th with friends

By Chris Griffiths who stayed at Les Grillons

So, the 100th Tour de France would finish atop Mont Ventoux a week or so after I turned 40 – I simply had to rent a villa nearby to watch the Tour and, being a keen cyclist, attempt to cycle up Ventoux myself. Finding a villa with a view of Mont Ventoux which is what I really wanted wasn't easy, but when I saw photos of Les Grillons with the stunning views from the pool, I booked it almost immediately (this was way back in January!).

The 13th July finally came around and with my wife and friends in tow, we eventually arrived at Les Grillons after a total of 10 hours of driving down from St Malo. The tiredness from the drive was soon forgotten though once we reached the pool with 'that' view... breathtaking!... and we never grew tired of looking at it the whole week. The location of the villa so close to Vaison La Romaine was also the perfect base for getting provisions, sightseeing, wine tasting and an added bonus for me; the Tour de France came right past the Villa, not once but twice with the rest day in Vaison in between!

We enjoyed BBQs in the evenings, playing boules, swimming in the sunshine, cycling through vineyards, celebrating with fantastic local wine. It was quite simply an amazing holiday, one of the best we have ever had, what a lovely villa, what a location! Oh, and me and my friend Andy did cycle to the top of Ventoux the day after the pros had cycled up... mission accomplished!


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