The amount of the Security Authorization Limit is listed in each Property description and in the booking form. You are required to give debit or credit card authorization for Us to debit Your card on behalf of the Owners if any of the following circumstances should apply:


If, for any reason, the Security Form * is not signed by both parties on departure (a time must be agreed for the morning of departure or the previous evening), the Owner has 7 days to report to Us any breakages or damage noticed after Your departure and 21 days to provide Us with estimates or invoices for replacements or repairs. If You wish to make a claim on your insurance policy it is likely You must do so within 30 days of Your departure from the Property. We will use all reasonable commercial endeavours to assist You in the event of any disagreement regarding breakages or damage but We act as Agent of the Owner and cannot arbitrate between You and the Owner.


Although We include basic cleaning between rentals. Properties must be left in a good state of cleanliness. Failure to do this will involve extra cleaning costs which will be estimated by the Owner and charged to You. At some Properties a standard end of rental cleaning charge applies (if applicable, details are indicated on Your invoice); if this is not settled prior to departure, a charge will be made.

Linen hire

If You fail to pay the cost prior to departure it will be charged to You.


If applicable, calls made during Your stay will be charged when the corresponding bill is received by Us. France Telecom may take up to 3 months to process charges.


If a heating charge (for the Property or the pool) is applicable and has not been charged locally, the Owner is requested to advise Us of the amount within 14 days of Your departure from the Property.

* A Security Form - view sample Security Form - (a copy will be emailed  to You with Our Confirmation Invoice) confirming the state of the Property on arrival and departure must be completed on Your arrival and departure.


1. We reserve the right to debit the debit or credit card given in this booking form for a sum not exceeding the amount indicated in this booking form. We reserve the right to pursue payment if the card is not authorized.
2. We will advise You of any charges submitted by the Owner which exceed the amount indicated in this booking form before processing the transaction.
3. All charges will be debited within 90 days of Your departure from the Property.
4. On receipt of this booking form the debit or credit card whose details are given in this booking form will be checked for validity but will not be debited. Charges, where applicable, will only be made after Your departure from the Property.
5. Any complaint regarding the Security Authorization must be addressed directly to the Owner as We act on the instruction of the Owner. Your insurance policy must cover You for costs relating to damages.