Fortuna Travel International Ltd, trading as Dominique’s Villas, act as Agent for Property Owners providing holiday accommodation and related services in France and the other countries that we represent. The Booking Conditions below set out Your Agreement with the Owner and Our involvement as Agent, and the terms by which We advertise the Owners’ Properties and accept bookings on Their behalf. In confirming Your booking You warrant that You have read carefully, understand, and agree to the Booking Conditions. 

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We’ or ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ as the context requires means Fortuna Travel International Limited, trading as Dominique’s Villas, The Grange, Bank of England Sports Ground, Bank Lane, London, SW15 5JT, UK. Company Registration Number: 2028568.
You’ or ‘Your’ as the context requires means the person booking a Holiday through Us and includes any other person or persons in Your party.
Owner’ means the Owners of the Property or their local representative who may act as keyholder and caretaker, or a local agent.
Agreement’ means Your commitment to the Owner to comply with these Booking Conditions.
Holiday’ means the period in which You rent a Property through Us.
Property’ means any private rental accommodation rented through Us, its buildings, grounds, and, where applicable, swimming pool and tennis court.
Security Deposit’ means the credit card pre-authorization, given to Us to collect on behalf of the Owner, against any loss or damage You cause to the Property and/or its contents, or unpaid local charges You incur during Your Holiday.
Security Form’ is the form by which You confirm the condition and cleanliness of the Property on arrival and departure.
Maximum Occupancy’ means the highest number of adults and children permitted to reside at any one time at the Property during Your Holiday.
Important Information’ means detailed information relating to the Property and Your Holiday sent to You by Us that forms part of the Booking Conditions.
Confirmation Invoice’ means the invoice relating to Your Holiday at the Property that acknowledges receipt of payments made by You to Us and, where applicable, the date whereby You must pay the balance due.
Force Majeure’ means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances, the consequences of which neither We nor the Owners could avoid, including but not limited to war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, level of water in rivers or other similar events beyond Our control. 

1. Booking

Deposit To confirm a booking You must pay a deposit of 25% of the price of the Holiday. If a booking is made fewer than 56 days before the departure date, full payment is required at the time of booking. There is no surcharge for payments by debit or credit card in respect of the deposit payment.
Balance We must receive from You the balance of the total shown on Our Confirmation Invoice no later than 56 days before the start of Your rental period unless We are already in receipt of Your written cancellation notice. A 3% surcharge will be made in respect of the balance amount paid to Us by credit card. This does not apply to payments made to Us by debit card.
Agreement The Agreement made between You and the Owner comes into force when We receive Your deposit (or full payment if Your booking is made within 56 days of departure), and until such time We and the Owner shall be under no liability to You whatsoever. Once the deposit is paid a Confirmation Invoice will be issued.
Late Payment If We do not receive payment for Your Holiday on or before the date indicated on the Confirmation Invoice, the Owner reserves the right to cancel Your Holiday and to retain, as the case may be, any deposit already paid. A charge of 2% per calendar month of any amount owing may be made at Our discretion on any late payment.
Booking Form If a booking form cannot be completed online, it must be submitted by post after payment has been made.
Prices We and the Owner reserve the right to correct errors in advertised prices, and the right to change prices and/or particulars of services contained on Our website at any time. We will use all reasonable commercial endeavours to advise You of any revision prior to processing Your deposit payment (or full payment if Your booking is made within 56 days of departure).

2. Extra services

Extra services such as additional cleaning, chef and cooking services, and babysitting may be available at Your Property, even if not included in the price. We do not act as Agent for these services, and take no commission for them. If You request these services You are contracting them directly with the supplier of the services, subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions. We will use all reasonable commercial endeavours to assure the quality of these services but can accept no liability for them. Charges for extra services and other extra costs (including but not limited to the use of a land-line telephone, heating, air-conditioning, and other local costs) must be paid directly to the Owner prior to Your departure from the Property, unless otherwise stated in our Confirmation Invoice. If any extra charges are not paid before Your departure from the Property, they will be debited from Your Security Deposit.

3. Special requests

You must notify Us of any special requests at the time of booking. We will inform the Owner but We cannot guarantee that these will be met. If You consider a particular request to be an essential pre-condition of Your booking, You must state this clearly in writing so that We can advise You if We are unable to comply.

4. Property occupancy

Maximum Occupancy must not be exceeded except by Our prior written agreement. Infants in cots may be accommodated on request even if the total number of persons exceeds Maximum Occupancy. The Owner reserves the right of immediate eviction from the Property if You exceed the Maximum Occupancy without Our prior knowledge and written consent, or, at the Owner’s absolute discretion, to exclude any additional persons from the Property or to make a supplementary charge. Camping and parking of caravans are not permitted under any circumstances in the grounds of the Property.

5. Rental period

You must arrive at the Property on the scheduled arrival date between 16:00 hours and 19:00 hours (this may vary at certain villas), unless a different time or date has been previously agreed by Us in writing. If You arrive late on the arrival date or arrive on a later date, access to the Property is not guaranteed and a charge for meeting You may be made, at the Owner’s discretion. If access to the Property cannot be arranged because of Your late arrival, You will be obliged to arrange and pay for Your temporary alternative accommodation.

6. Security form

Upon Your arrival You agree to make an inspection with the Owner and to sign the Security Form, noting as applicable any perceived shortcomings in the Property. On the departure date You agree to make a further inspection with the Owner and again to sign the Security Form, noting as applicable the Property’s cleanliness and any damage and breakages. You must vacate the Property by 10:00 hours and return all the keys to the Property to the Owner.

7. Property security

Any valuables left at the Property are left at Your own risk. The Property must be secured by locking all external doors and boundary gates and closing all windows and shutters when it is not occupied, and by locking all external doors and boundary gates and closing all ground floor shutters at night. If provided, burglar alarms must be activated and secure storage used. In the unlikely event of a burglary, neither We nor the Owner will accept any liability for loss of Your valuables. Failure to secure the Property against theft or burglary may invalidate the Owner’s property insurance, and You will be liable for any loss or damage incurred. We will not refund Your costs should You vacate the Property as a result of a burglary or theft.

8. Property cleanliness and repair

You must take good care of and respect the Property and report as soon as they occur any defects in its equipment and facilities, and leave it in a good state of cleanliness. In particular, You agree to clean thoroughly any item that has had substantial usage during Your Holiday, including but not limited to ovens, grills, and refrigerators. Any re-arrangement of interior furnishings You make during Your stay must be reversed prior to departure, otherwise a charge will be payable for this service or any damage caused as a result. The Owner reserves the right of immediate eviction from the Property if any serious abuse of the Property takes place.

9. Transfer of bookings

If You are unavoidably prevented from travelling, You may transfer Your booking to a third party provided they accept in writing the Booking Conditions that apply to Your Holiday and make any outstanding payments to Us by the due date. Your entitlement to such transfer is subject to payment to Us of an administration fee of £100 and Our retention of any non-recoverable charges relating to Your Holiday.

10 Security deposit

At the time of booking Your Holiday, You must give Us debit or credit card authorization to debit Your card on behalf of the Owner up to the limit of Your Security Deposit for the Property, to cover any loss (such as breakages) or unpaid charges (such as linen hire, cleaning or heating) incurred during Your Holiday. Charges will be made to Your card without prior consultation. We reserve the right to pursue payment if Your card is not authorized. If the amount of the Security Deposit is not sufficient to cover the costs the Owner is entitled to recover any additional costs from You. Any complaint regarding the Security Deposit must be addressed directly to the Owner as We act on the instruction of the Owner. Your insurance policy must cover You for costs relating to damages.

11. Holiday insurance

It is a condition of booking that all Our clients have holiday insurance which includes cancellation insurance, and personal and third party liability cover. Credit card providers sometimes include free travel insurance when You pay by credit card, but these policies often offer only a basic level of cover which does not usually include cancellation insurance or sufficient personal and third party liability. We reserve the right to request written details of Your policy on behalf of the Owner.

12. Cancellations by you

If You wish to cancel Your Holiday once a deposit or a full balance has been paid, We require notice of cancellation (by recorded delivery letter or email) from the person who made the booking. No cancellation will be deemed to have taken effect until such notice has been received and acknowledged in writing by Us. We reserve the right to make the following cancellation charges:
Notice Period              Cancellation charge (of full rental amount)
More than 56 days      25%
43 to 56 days              30%
29 to 42 days              40%
0 to 28 days                100%
In the case of a cancellation taking place within 28 days of departure, the cancellation charge will be reduced to 50% if the Property is re-let for the full cancelled period. If the reason for cancellation falls within the categories covered by Your insurance policy, You agree to make a claim directly to Your insurance company. The cancellation charges stated above will also apply if You wish to change Your rental dates and/or book a different Property but if these amendments are requested more than 56 days before departure, and We are able to re-let the Property, Your deposit (less an administration charge of £200) will be credited to Your new booking.
N.B. These conditions may alter for certain villas - information will be provided at the time of booking.

13. Changes/cancellations by the owner

Changes The Owner reserves the right to make changes to Your Holiday Property and/or services that are considered necessary to operating requirements after We have confirmed Your booking. If the Owner does so, We will use all reasonable commercial endeavours to inform You as soon as possible and to make suitable alternative arrangements if requested. Alternatively, You may ask for a refund of monies paid.
Cancellations If the Owner is obliged to cancel Your booking through Force Majeure, the sale of the property, or for any reason outside the Owner’s control, We will offer You alternative suitable accommodation, subject to availability. If the proposed Property costs less than the price of the original Holiday, You will be reimbursed the difference. If the proposed Property costs more, We will not charge You the difference. If You do not accept one of the properties offered to You and instead select another available Property from Our programme, and if the proposed Property costs more, You will be required to pay the difference.

14. Travel agents

If You book with Us via a Travel Agent, all communication with Us regardless of its nature must take place via the Travel Agent unless or until We advise You otherwise in writing. Any monies paid to Your Travel Agent in respect of Your Holiday are held by the Travel Agent on Your behalf until We issue a Confirmation Invoice. Thereafter, any such monies are held by the Travel Agent on Our behalf.

15. Liability

Our liability Our obligation in acting as Agent is to use our best commercial endeavours to represent as accurately possible in our advertising the Properties offered by our Owners, and to facilitate to the best of Our ability Your contract with the Owner. We make every effort to ensure the description and Property details supplied to Us by the Owners are accurate, but We assume no liability for inaccurate or incomplete information supplied by Our Owners, nor for minor discrepancies between photographs and/or floor plans of the Property and the actual Property. We assume no liability for any act of omission by the Owner or any service provider representing or employed by the Owner, which would result in perceived defects or shortcomings of the Property or of contracted supplementary services. Our maximum liability to You, if We are found to have been negligent in any service that We provide is limited to the amount of commission We have earned in relation to Your booking.
Owners’ liability The obligation of Our Owners providing Your Holiday accommodation and related services under the terms of Their contract with Us is to take all reasonable skill and care in the provision of such accommodation and services, as advertised by Us. The Owners are contractually obliged to have adequate liability insurance and property insurance. The Owner can assume no liability for any loss, damage, or loss of enjoyment resulting from events or circumstances beyond His control, including a) Force Majeure; b) failure or discontinuance of public utilities such as electricity, gas, water, or telephone/Internet connections; c) mechanical breakdown of domestic appliances/heating/equipment or swimming pool heating/filtration systems; d) noise or disturbance emanating from beyond the Property’s boundaries and beyond the Owner’s control; or e) appearance of rodents, ants, or other insects and animals.

16. Complaints

In the unlikely event that You believe You have any cause for complaint, You are obliged under the terms of this Agreement to make every reasonable effort to mitigate any loss or inconvenience You believe You may have suffered, by giving the Owner and Us every opportunity to endeavour to put right any perceived problem. Your complaint must be referred to the Owner in the first instance. If You do not receive a satisfactory response locally within 24 hours, or if You consider the problem to be serious, You must contact Our London office or the mobile number provided in Our Travel Information immediately. Under no circumstances will We consider complaints received by Us after the end of Your Holiday of which We were not advised during Your Holiday. If You vacate the Property in response to a perceived problem without notification and without allowing the Owner and Us (if relevant) the opportunity of rectifying the perceived problem, You waive all claim to compensation and/or refund.

If You remain dissatisfied with some aspect of Your Holiday to the extent that You wish to make a claim for compensation and/or refund upon Your return home, We will use all reasonable endeavours to assist You and the Owner to reach a satisfactory solution. Your complaint must be made in writing by recorded delivery letter or email within 14 days of Your return by the person who made the booking. You agree that Your failure to follow this procedure will waive any rights You may have to make a claim. Written complaints will be forwarded to the Owner (and translated by Us if required) and acknowledged by Us within 14 days of receipt. We will endeavour on a goodwill basis to obtain a comprehensive reply from the Owner on Your behalf in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution between You and the Owner. If You are not satisfied with the Owner’s position, You will be responsible for taking up the complaint directly with the Owner.

If You have made Your booking via a Travel Agent all communication from You to Us must be made through them; all communication from Us to You without exception will be made through them.

17. Law and juridiction

Your contract with Us and any matters arising from it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

18. Data protection

We will provide Your personal information, which for the avoidance of doubt includes any such information given to Us about any member of Your party to Owners who may be located outside the UK, to enable the provision of the services requested by You. If You make special requests, which include, but are not limited to, dietary, religious, or disability related requirements that constitute sensitive information, You agree that such data may also be passed on to the applicable suppliers by Us to enable the provision of the services requested by You.

19. Financial protection

We maintain insurance with International Passenger Protection Limited (IPP) to protect monies paid by You in the event of Our insolvency. The policy ensures that You are fully protected for the initial deposit and subsequently for the balance of all monies paid to Us. IPP was formed in May 1990 and provides financial failure products to the travel industry. IPP is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and its products are backed by major insurers and reinsurers. The IPP contract is underwritten by a panel of Association of British Insurers (ABI) member companies and Lloyds Syndicates.