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Channel crossings

We do not offer to book travel arrangements on your behalf but can assist in providing any information you may need about getting to France.

You can look at the individual ferry company websites listed below and also consult the price comparison website It was voted ‘The World’s Leading Ferry Website’ in 2011 and 2012.

The traditional means of visiting France remains to drive your own car from your home in the UK to your holiday villa. The Shuttle and most French ports served by Channel ferries are now directly linked into the French motorway system, significantly reducing journey times. Motorists unfamiliar with the continental practice of driving on the right have an opportunity to acclimatise themselves gently on the French motorway network. Apart from weekends in July and August, serious congestion is rare. Most French motorways are run by private contractors, who collect tolls by cash or card at regular intervals along the way. The motorways have frequent rest areas for intermediate stops and provide a fast means of reaching your villa with at most one overnight stay in each direction, if you are travelling to the southeast or southwest of France.

A huge range of cross-Channel services is available from the main coastal ports. The introduction of new and refitted ships on all the principal routes is beginning to transform passengers’ experience. The quickest and largest ferries already compare favourably with some cruise liners in terms of their size and amenities. Cabins are available for overnight sailings on the longer routes in the western Channel approaches. Catamaran services operate out of Dover and Portsmouth, dramatically shortening journey times. In each case the advice must be to decide on your crossing early.

Short Channel crossings

Substantial savings are available, even at peak times, by early reservation. It is possible for you to book single journeys in each direction with a different company if that better suits your travel plans.

Eurotunnel operates a shuttle rail service from just short of Folkestone through the Channel Tunnel, on dedicated trains where you drive your own car into bespoke two-tiered wagons, and remain in your vehicle. The Shuttle takes only 35 minutes and does not have catering facilities. Its arrival point in France is midway between Boulogne and Calais, with a direct connection to the autoroute. A substantial saving can often be made in fares, even for peak weekend transits in summer, by booking a fixed travel time in each direction many months in advance. The price includes as many passengers as your vehicle can safely carry.

Euro Tunnel
Folkestone/Calais via Shuttle

Up to 4 times per hour. Duration 35 minutes.

P&O Ferries
Dover/Calais via Ferry
up to 23 sailings daily (approx every 40 mins).
Duration 90 minutes.

dfds logo.JPG
Newhaven/Dieppe via Ferry
2 daily return sailings (3 return sailings from 1st May to 30th September) - (departs at 10:00 and 23:00 from Newhaven, and 05:30 and 18:00 from Dieppe).
Duration 4hrs.

Dover/Calais via Ferry
up to 30 crossings a day (15 in each direction).
Duration 90 minutes.


Long Channel crossings

Prices vary according to the time of day and the day of the week a crossing takes place but as with short crossings, there is a financial incentive to book early.

On-board accommodation is compulsory on some overnight crossings. It ranges from reclining seats to different grades of cabins, the best being club or commodore, then 2-berth, 4-berth, with and without a window or porthole. The most suitable routes to reach one of our villas include:

LD Lines
Portsmouth/Le Havre

2 sailings daily.
Duration 3hrs 15mins by day (Mar-Oct), 8hrs by night.
2 sailings daily
Duration 4hrs 

Brittany Ferries
FERRY up to 3 sailings daily (6 to 7 hours)
Out: 07.00 (3hrs 30mins); In 12.15 (3hrs 30mins)
FASTCRAFT 2 sailings daily (3hrs)
FERRY 1sailings daily. (4hrs 30mins)
Plymouth/ Roscoff
FERRY up to 2 sailings daily
(6hrs by day;  8hrs by night)
Portsmouth/St Malo
FERRY Out 20.00 daily (10hrs 45mins);
In 10:30 daily (9hrs)
Wide choice of on-board accommodation available
(compulsory on night crossings)


Condor Ferries logo
Poole/St Malo
Out 14:10 (5hrs 40mins); in 18:30 (5hrs 30mins)
Weymouth/St Malo (via Guernsey or Jersey)
Up to 2 sailings daily (timetable varies according to tides)
Club Class and reclining seats available
FERRY Out 09:30 (5hrs 30mins); in 17:00 (5hrs)
1 sailing each week on Sunday
(end of May to beginning September) 


Channel crossings map

Channel crossings