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Travelling to France

Travelling to France is simple, with the full spectrum of travel choices available to holiday makers. France’s road, rail, sea and air networks are second to none, making this holiday destination a pleasure from start to finish.

Thanks to the excellent standards and choice of travel available, you are less likely to be disrupted in your travelling, and can be assured of ease and efficiency. There are so many choices when deciding on your travel arrangements to France, including:

If you prefer the speed and ease of flying then there are many airlines that fly to many different areas of France, even to some obscure small French towns. Rates are very competitive and the earlier you book the better the deal. Even quality airlines fly at reasonable prices

Driving across France is an ideal way of seeing the beauty of the French landscape as well as being a reasonably priced form of travel. All roads in France are kept in excellent condition, with plenty of rest stops available along the way for meal breaks. Taking the ferry from Dover, Newhaven, Portsmouth, Poole, Weymouth or Plymouth is a comfortable way to travel. And even quicker is the Eurotunnel from Folkestone.

If speed and comfort are your main aims then the Eurostar combined with the TGV would be a good choice. The Eurostar is one of the quickest ways of travelling to France, Paris being a mere 2 hours and 15 minutes from London. TGV services operate fast trains to all main and many smaller cities. In the summer there is even a direct train from London to Avignon in Provence.

Although we do not offer to book travel arrangements on your behalf, we would be happy to assist you by providing any information you may need about getting to France. Using the links on the left, click through to the information you require to plan your holiday travel.

Travelling to France