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Writing about France

France is a wonderful and intoxicating country and a fantastic holiday destination, known for great wine, delicious cuisine, fashion, culture, architectural delights, and an exciting, sometimes scandalous history.

It is a country that offers plenty of space to breathe and unique places to explore. We love this country for all of its beauty and complexities and we think you will too. You can view all our holiday villas in France by area in this section.

There are a variety of regions in France offering unique landscapes from the snowy peaks of the French Alps to the rugged highlands of the Pyrenees, and the sun-drenched provençal hillsides.

At Dominique’s Villas, we’re here to help you choose and customize your own perfect luxury villa holiday in France. Our many articles and spotlights will help you gain insight into local customs, festivities, and where to go to ensure you have the most enjoyable holiday in France.



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