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My Travelling Nanny - update

My Travelling Nanny - update

23 Apr 2014 BY Tim Wells

“Are we nearly there?!” is more often than not the plaintive theme song for families travelling on holiday with children, and if you've left your teenagers at home or elsewhere, who might, just possibly, be expected to help allay the boredom and discomfort of the trip for the youngsters, My Travelling Nanny may just be able to offer the assistance you need. This London-based, mother-and-daughter-run agency, now in its third successful year, provides qualified and experienced travelling nannies to accompany you and yours to your villa. Their personal service has garnered a healthy returning client base and numerous enthusiastic recommendations, and they have been featured in the national press and are a preferred provider for an international concierge service. They can do wonders in taking the stress out of the trip, help your children settle into their new environment, and while you’re there assist you in all sorts of ways in looking after the little ones.

The family holiday has remained perhaps the one essential extravagance in these parsimonious times, and with both parents often working, the holiday may be more difficult than ever to organize, and more important that it provides an opportunity for parents to have fun with their children in a relaxing environment, and at the same time grab some welcome relaxation and quality time on their own. A Dominique’s Villas holiday offers a home away from home where the youngsters will quickly settle into their daily routines, find their favourite corners, and happily explore their new surroundings, and My Travelling Nanny will help parents make their holiday one to remember.

My Travelling Nanny offers three levels of holiday nanny for every family’s requirements. If you require just a “mother’s helper”, an extra pair of hands and eyes for the simple childcare tasks – feeding, dressing, putting on the sun cream, supervising the swim during your delightful afternoon nap, as well as babysitting evenings for the night out at the local restaurant – the Student/Standard holiday nanny is the most economical choice. Qualified holiday nannies are more suitable for sole care situations, maternity help, as well as for any special needs, and Teaching nannies offer specialized skills in helping your children with schoolwork, learning to swim or ski, or with a second (or third!) language, and many other skills. Whatever the skill level, each holiday nanny will have her own individual abilities and charm to make her own unique contribution to the enjoyment of your holiday.

All My Travelling Nanny’s personnel are rigorously screened and vetted and personally interviewed. Written references are verbally verified, and all qualifications – childcare and first aid – as well as CRB and passport, thoroughly checked via their original documents. Each travelling nanny’s profile will also include continually updated references and experiences, as well as referees’ contact details. Over the past three years, Linda and Michaela have gotten to know their travelling nannies very well and have become experts in “matching” a nanny to a particular family.

When you make your enquiry by phone or email, MTN will endeavour to send you the details of at least one suitable holiday nanny within a couple of days. At this point you are invited to contact her, either by phone or to meet in person and decide if she’s right for your requirements. You will be asked to reimburse any reasonable travel costs for the holiday nanny to meet with you. A short paid trial period is recommended for the nanny and your family to get to know each other. If you are happy with your nanny’s suitability, you will complete a booking form and a tailor-made contract specifying the days, number of hours, and other particulars will be drawn up. A 50% deposit will be required to secure your holiday nanny; the balance is payable 28 days before departure. (For short-notice bookings the total cost is payable at the time of booking, and a short-notice fee may be chargeable.)

My Travelling Nanny offers several popular standard packages, but as each booking will probably have its own individual requirements, there is a cost calculator on their website to estimate the cost, or you may phone for a quote.

Travelling nannies will ideally travel with you so that they can get to know your children even before you have reached your villa. Ideal for single parent families, travelling nannies can also be booked as teams of two or more for multiple-family groups. Obviously it is impossible to plan every hour of the holiday in advance, so your travelling nanny will be available to work additional hours at the rate of £8 per hour payable directly to her. Her accommodation, travel, and food are naturally paid by the family, and her travel insurance (usually £15) will be added to the final invoice; all agency fees are included in the price. The nanny gets one (non-travel) day off per week – hopefully it won’t rain that day. Prices start at £325 per week. For more details, please visit their website: or phone Linda and Michaela on 020 8133 3126.