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Low-cost airline with a difference, Norwegian style

Low-cost airline with a difference, Norwegian style

16 Sep 2014 BY Tim Wells

When booking your flights to your Dominique’s Villas villa holiday in some sunny clime, a somewhat unlikely-sounding possibility to consider is Norwegian (full name Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA), who in addition to serving destinations in the frigid reaches of the Arctic, also offer low-cost and convenient service to many European airports near your villa. Established in 1993, Norwegian has grown into the second-largest Scandinavian airline and the third-largest low-cost airline in Europe, and has picked up a number of prestigious awards along the way. Offering a number of long-haul routes as well, Norwegian runs 416 routes to 126 destinations, and its current fleet of 99 aircraft will be nearly trebled over the next few years: in January 2012 they placed what is the largest aircraft order in European aviation history, for an additional 222 airplanes, mostly the Boeing MAX8 and Airbus 320neo. Their Boeing 737-800 “New Generation” aircraft have been in operation since 2008, and offer an improved fuel economy per passenger than the older 737-300. Most of these new aircraft feature the Boeing “Sky Interior”, a modern approach to airplane style and comfort, and Norwegian has the largest “Sky Interior” fleet in Europe. The interior dimensions have curved and sculpted side walls to increase interior space and headroom, and new seat materials enable seatbacks to be slimmer and lighter. The number of seats has been reduced from 189 to 186, although the corresponding increase in individual comfort may not be that readily apparent. Atmospheric lighting and LED displays contribute to a sense of spaciousness, and the cabin crew can simulate sunset and sunrise (no prizes for guessing the background music here), although passengers on European short-haul flights unfortunately won’t get to experience this. Norwegian was the first airline to offer highspeed broadband WiFi on European flights, beginning in 2011, and 80% of its 737-800s have WiFi on board. Also on offer are on-demand rental films and videos for downloading onto personal computers and video devices, and this year Norwegian won the “Best Inflight Connectivity and Communications” award by Passenger Choice Awards. In addition, it has won for two years in succession the Sky Trax World Airline Awards “Europe’s Best Low-Cost Carrier of the Year”.

Norwegian serves many European destinations within easy reach of Dominique’s Villas holiday areas:

From London Gatwick Alicante, Athens, Bordeaux, Faro/Algarve, Cephalonia, Malaga, Marseille, Montpellier, Murcia, Nice, Palma de Mallorca, Orly/Paris, Pisa, Santorini

From Manchester Alicante, Athens, Bordeaux, Malaga, Orly/Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Nice, Pisa

From Edinburgh Alicante, Athens, Faro/Algarve, Cephalonia, Malaga, Nice, Palma de Mallorca, Pisa