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Futuroscope - Playground of the imagination

Futuroscope - Playground of the imagination

15 May 2015 BY Tim Wells

One of the most popular leisure parks in France and in all of Europe, Futuroscope welcomes you into a world of adventures like no other, its wonderful and varied attractions offering spectacular thrills, fascinating discoveries, and great fun for the whole family. What better way to break up the drive down to (or on the way back from) your Dominique’s Villas holiday villa in the southwest of France than to stop off for a fabulous day’s entertainment. Located in the département of the Vienne, 10km north of Poitiers, it first opened on 31 May 1987, and since then has seen nearly 40 million enthralled visitors pass through its magic portals. It is about a six-hour drive from the Channel Tunnel, only 3 ½ to 4 hours from the other Channel ports, and an easy 3 ½-hour drive to Bergerac and the top of the Dordogne.

A stroll through the 60-hectare Futuroscope park is an exhilarating experience in itself. Like a fabulous crown of glittering architectural jewels, the visionary design of its theatres and buildings is a feast for the eyes and imagination. The attractions housed in these magnificent buildings present the visitor with a combination of video games arcade, movie theatre, cartoon house, interactive museum, natural history lecture hall, planetarium, and more, using a full array of state-of-the-art image technology, including large-format 3D IMAX film projection, motion simulators, ambient effects, and combinations of all of these. Among several fabulous new attractions are “Time Machine”, winner of the European Star Award 2014, taking you on a 3D trip through history with the Raving Rabbids, and “Mission Hubble”, which served as an inspiration for the director of the award-winning film “Gravity”, sending you on a mission to rescue the Hubble Space Telescope. At the end of the day is the spectacular Lady Ô Evening Show”, with lasers, flame and light shows, special effects, and illusionists.

There are fourteen different hotels on or very near the Futuroscope grounds, as well as B&B facilities, self-catering accommodation, and campsites. Special 2015 Breaks are on offer for family groups or couples, for 2 days/1 night, or 1 day/1 night, which include entry to the park, the evening shows, hotels, and breakfast. Or for a long day along the way to your villa, secure parking on the grounds is available. Seven different restaurants in the park offer refreshment of all types from tapas, buffet and cafeteria style dining, to gourmet. There is even a kennel (futuristically designated the Animal Reception Centre), costing €5 per animal per day; bring your own pet food.

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