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Direct Eurostar from London to Marseille

Direct Eurostar from London to Marseille

23 Oct 2014 BY Tim Wells

Eurostar has announced a new direct route to the heart of Provence. From 1 May 2015, there will be a direct service from London St Pancras to Marseille St-Charles, in a little over six hours, stopping only at Lyon and Avignon. The return trip takes an hour or so longer, depending on the whims of the UK customs and immigration officials at Lille. Currently the trip requires a change of Eurostar train at Paris Gard du Nord, and typically can take from 8½ to over 9 hours point-to-point, so the new route will get you to your bouillabaisse that much faster. And if you want to sample some of France’s other gastronomic delights along the way, the culinary capital Lyon, the first port of call for the service, is only 4½ hours from London, and is also a lovely city well worth a visit. The next stop Avignon, 6 hours from London, is of course world famous for its superb Palais des Papes, a masterpiece of medieval Gothic architecture, and home to the renowned Avignon Festival, which attracts 100,000 theatre-lovers from across the globe annually. End station Marseille is France’s gateway to Provence; it was European Capital of Culture for 2013 and has enjoyed a recent wave of renovation, especially around the famous Old Port. The Eurostar direct route London-Marseille will operate all year 'round, and tickets go on sale in December.