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Dionysos leads the way

Dionysos leads the way

26 Mar 2015 BY Dominique Wells

Many Bordeaux vineyards are steeped in history and choose to maintain a very traditional outlook when it comes to enticing new visitors. Château Belingard at Pomport, not far from Bergerac, has an innovative attraction – an entertaining circuit in which Dionysos, the ancient god of vines and wine, takes you on a virtual tour of Belingard and its winemaking (in French and English). There are information boards all over the property from which you can hook up to the guided tour by smartphone or tablet (supplied). There are also videos showing the work in the vineyard and winery. Located on Bergerac’s slopes in the Monbazillac appellation area, Château Belingard is one of the famous Dordogne Valley vineyards belonging to Count Laurent de Bosredon. The property has been recently refurbished so you can get a glimpse of the real work that goes on. There are also guided tours on Mondays and Fridays from May to October.