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Impressionist Festival - celebrating the Impressionists

Impressionist Festival - celebrating the Impressionists

26 Mar 2013 BY Tim Wells 1

An inspiring Impressionist Festival in Normandy takes place between 27 April and 29 September 2013, with over 600 exhibitions and cultural events of every kind celebrating this vibrant and exquisite artistic movement that took its inspiration from the landscapes and coastline of the region. The Festival has as its main theme the influence of water, and the play of light on its surface. It was Eugène Boudin, known as the father of Impressionism, who introduced Claude Monet to outdoor painting, and the artists rapidly developed the new techniques required to capture the ever-changing quality of light. Monet’s great work “Impression, Rising Sun” gave the movement its name, and the first Impressionist exhibition took place in April 1874. This second edition of the Festival features major exhibitions of Monet, Renoir, Caillebotte, Signac, and Pissarro, as well as modern masters, at the Fine Arts museums at Rouen and Caen, and at the Malraux Museum in Le Havre which houses the second largest collection of Impressionist paintings in France, and at Giverny, where Monet lived and worked for decades. Other highlights include films, concerts of Debussy and other “Impressionist” composers, and on June 2, a region-wide Painting Festival, where every artist or artist-to-be is invited to get out the brushes.

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  • Sharon

    01:46PM 25 Apr 2013 Reply

    Anyone know where can you see Pissarro paintings during this festival?