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Your very own chef

Why not hire your very own French chef while staying at one of our villas? 

Just as France is the traditional haven of gastronomy, washed down with fine wines, the French chef revels in his reputation for inspired creativity. However, not all of their creations have come about intentionally. Henri Charpentier invented perhaps the most famous of French dishes, Crêpe Suzette, entirely by accident, while learning the trade at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. The Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII) had come to dinner, and the nervous Charpentier, a young sous-chef, accidentally set alight a pancake covered in curaçao and kirsch liqueur. The ravenous Prince still insisted on tasting the burnt dish, and found to his surprise it had actually improved in flavour. Charpentier was asked its name, and on the spur of the moment said he was thinking of calling it ‘Crêpe Princesse’. ‘Why not call it Crêpe Suzette?’ suggested the Prince, who was dining with a young actress of that name. So Crêpe Suzette it became.

Travelling chefs
There are several chefs who travel around regions to supply meals and arriving with their own pots and pans. They plan the meals, shop for the ingredients, take over the kitchen, cook and clear up afterwards.

In-house chefs
These chefs are attached to one property only.