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Special offer for our website readers and Villa Club members

As a lover of good wine, you won't want to miss this offer. You already appreciate the great value you get buying your wine in France. With our offer, you save 40% (as a website reader) or a fantastic 60% if you are a  Dominique's Villa Club member, off membership of, making it even easier to buy fine wine direct from the vineyard at low French prices.

Choose from over 1,000 great wines and order direct from home. Your wine is shipped to Winedrive's collection point near Calais, then take a cheap day-return to collect it. You will save as much as £20 or more on each bottle compared to UK prices.

Or, taste your way around France with privileged access to 110 leading vineyards and full driving directions to find them. You will have access to highly rated wines, many with top awards, plus loads of wine and travel information.

A year's membership of this exclusive on-line club is usually £70 but we are offering it for just £42 (for website readers) or £28 (for Villa Club members). Enter dominique in the promotional code box in and start ordering your wine direct from the vineyard.

French Villa Club members must contact Dominique's Villas to obtain their special promotional code.

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