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Villa Club

When you book a villa holiday in through us you automatically become a member of our Villa Club which entitles you to future discounts on our villa holidays

We are grateful to our faithful clients who choose to travel with us to our villas in France year after year. To thank them for their custom we offer a reward system of discounts based on previous villa holidays taken with us over the previous three years. If you have not booked with us before but are intending to, you will become part of the Villa Club automatically when booking – it’s that easy! This means that for future holidays with Dominique’s Villas you can look forward to a fabulous villa holiday and a great reduction!

You are entitled to a reduction of 2.5% if you have travelled with us in the last three years.

NB: If you were a member of a party that has travelled with us in the past, but not necessarily the person who made the booking, you still qualify for the Villa Club discount.

Please be aware that if you are booking via a Travel Agent the reduction may not automatically apply.


French Villa Club